Aug 2

Thanks Jim!

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We were deep in the meditation last night when Jim suggested we ask our higher selves and I Am presence to come into us more. I thought this was a great suggestion as I had been seeking a way to connect more thoroughly to my I Am presence. As soon as I finished my invitations, I instantly felt several levels of my HS in my body and my I Am presence was in my heart! I had a massive jolt of power through my entire body for a couple minutes that was truly intense. I of course invited my HS and I Am presence to stay with me and never leave. I got back to work as soon as I was able and continued clearing darkness with NEW POWER and guidance. Once the meditation was over, I realized how great I felt. I laid down in bed to sleep with the most sublime feeling. I felt more at peace and complete than I can recall. Thank you, Unknown Lightwarrior. That was a divinely guided remark to us all, especially me, being exactly what I was seeking. I'm anxious to take these attributes for a spin and see what we can do together and especially during the next mass meditation. Much love. You rock. 'nuff said.

The Unknown Lightwarrior
Aug 6

Thank you for the feedback, and I am very glad you had this experience. Way to go!

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  • fitzcan1
    6 days ago

    I arrived primed and ready for the Halloween meditation... candle lit and crystals in hand to help create a sacred space. When we got up with the teams I slipped into a bit a of sleepy state but was able to shake it off and resume the meditation. It was a blustery night in my part of the world - east coast USA - and I began toning and sending the frequencies into the wind and rain. I held the image of the flower of life in my heart and also superimposed over Gaia. With my toning (which also kept me in an alert state!) I pulsed love throughout the grids of the planet. I could feel Gaia using the wind and rain to cleanse and clear. It felt like a powerful meditation!
  • mvcdspades
    Sep 29

    Well this one really tested my focus; I had to do this one during a long car ride with some of my friends, coming back from this weekends trip, I told them I was overdue for a meditation lol"and no i was not driving!" I just felt I had to participate! Surprisingly I was able to cut out most of the distractions! Maybe it was due to the energy of this meditation or I'm just getting better at cutting out the noise! funny thing is I cant remember the experience I had at my deepest point felt like I was in two places! but was not able to bring back my memories! I know I did something big out there hmm! Also the phone signal cut out at 144 pm but immediately signal came back on!, unlike those long annoying ones were I have to wait for my signal to return:( I thought of it as a thank you! for persevering through those distractions! even though that was a distraction too lol! 1111
  • asa.marina.hermansson
    Sep 24

    Very powerful one. Just before last 30 min very strong energies. My feet was glued to the floor.... I have been member since beginning and been to most of the meditations. This one was one of the most powerful to me. Keep up the good work! And the bonus meditation that was mailed after is one of the best short meditations. I just did it again and feels like a very good daily meditation. Recommend it a lot!
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